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Hoosier Daddy

Formed in 2015, and rocking Central Illinois and the Midwest.  Yes, Illinois, not Indiana, but Dave's daughter lives there which makes him a "Hoosier Daddy".

Their Facebook page has over 800 likes, and their fans come because they know they will always get the works:  a high talent, high energy show that they can be a part of.

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Originally from Farmington, Illinois.  Dave dominates the electric guitar and slide as well, and even makes the acoustic guitar hum.  It has been said that he "diminishes" the guitar and his control over it makes it appear small in his arms.

Recorded at Golden Voice with The Beggar's Opera Company, and opened for The Doors.  Later he partied across the state with The French Connection, opening for Jim Dandy, Steppenwolf, Molly Hatchett, Head East, and more.

Dave's lead vocals bring John Fogerty to mind and he rocks you on home with his precision backup vocals as well.




BIO PENDING - Police Clearance Needed. (just kidding)  


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South Side Cindy was born Cindy Sauerwein and was raised in the small town of Brimfield, Illinois - Population 850.  She has performed professionally since the age of 16 and has opened for 38 Special, Joan Jett, and Ted Nugent to name a few.

Professionally trained, and stage tested, her blusey rock voice and amazing range keep the energy high.  Now also rocking the Bass Guitar, Cindy adds a little touch of "bad ass" to her resume.