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Formed in 2015, and rocking Central Illinois and the Midwest. Yes, that’s Illinois, not Indiana. However, Dave's daughter lives in Indiana, so he truly is a "Hoosier Daddy".

Their Facebook page has over 800 likes, and their fans come because they know they will always get the works: a high talent, high energy show that they can be a part of.

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Hoosier Daddy

Got a Mountain to Climb



“Hoosier Daddy More Than A Great Name”
Interview by Jon Norton

WGLT 98.1 - NPR from Illinois State University - January 17, 2019

Members of three established Peoria-based bands have come together as the Americana trio Hoosier Daddy.

Former French Connection guitarist Dave Diefendorf's desire to form a trio materialized quickly during a conversation with good friend Cindy Youngren, late of Southside Cindy & the Sliptones.

“He said, ‘I always just wanted a three-piece band. Too bad you don’t play bass.’ I said, ‘Too bad you don’t teach me to play bass.’ And then he taught me to play the bass,” laughed Youngren, who didn’t play an instrument while fronting the Sliptones with her powerful, bluesy voice, though her history includes piano and some rhythm guitar. When former Dave Chastain drummer Larry Wigand called the duo out of the blue halfway through the recording of the CD, at the point their previous drummer was wanting out,

“There you go, when one door closes, another one opens,” said Diefendorf of welcoming in the highly respected Wigand.

Youngren and Diefendorf were in the GLT studios playing songs from Hoosier Daddy’s debut album "Got a Mountain to Climb,” a nine-song rootsy romp full of hooks, alternating lead vocals and tight harmonies.

Like Youngren, Diefendorf is a veteran of the Peoria music scene, and the brother of Dan Diefendorf of the now defunct Sliptones. He and Youngren alternate songwriting credits on this album.

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“Got a Mountain to Climb” by Hoosier Daddy
Album Review by Stacey Zering

INK19.com - February 28, 2019

For amazing Southern rock vibes and powerful aesthetics, this new album from Hoosier Daddy continues to deliver from beginning to end.

Hoosier Daddy is a group with a brilliant pun in their name, but there is a lot more to them than a catchy moniker. These talented musicians came together to create a catchy yet heavy and energetic take on Southern rock. Their influences range from classic acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, down to influential groups like The Byrds and more. While the band has a retro vibe and their sound tips the hat off to classic Southern influences, there is an innovative edge to their music.

While songs such as “The Journey” strike for their more traditional flavor, tracks like “Do or Do Not” actually showcase the band’s versatility and ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level. With catchy riffs, incredible hooks, and solid production, you just can’t go wrong. If you enjoy music that blends vigor with melody, this will be worth checking out.


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